Sherri and I want to thank all of you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all you’ve done during this incredible journey. Old friends and new, you lifted us up in every way possible. Of course, we hoped for a different result, but we’re so proud of everything we accomplished, together, as a voice for change in Wayne County.

It’s clear from the election results that voters want a change in direction. Throughout my campaign, I listened to people in every corner of the county and did my best to give voice to your concerns. I’m convinced that the issues we talked about will stay at the top of the public agenda: Balancing the budget. Long-term fiscal responsibility. Open and honest government. And providing the critical services our taxpayers need and deserve.

I reached out to Warren Evans last night, to let him know I look forward to working with him, during the fall campaign and beyond, to change Wayne County for the better. I intend to stay active and involved, and I’m sure you will too.

One of my daughters asked me Tuesday morning if I would be sad if we lost the election. I asked her what she meant, and she said, “Will you cry if you lose?” It’s pretty fair question, and the answer is no. We’re not crying and we’re not sad today. We worked hard and ran a good campaign and I’m proud of everything we did together.

Actually, it’s kind of hard to be sad when you’ve seen so many people work as a team and support one another. I’ll never forget the many kindnesses that were shown to me and my family during this campaign.

Meantime, it appears the Lord’s plan at present is for me to stay in Westland and keep working to improve our community. It’s a rare privilege to serve as mayor of an All-American city; I’ll continue to do all I can to earn your trust.

Thanks again – let’s stay in touch.