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In the six months since I first declared my candidacy for Wayne County Executive, I have walked through many neighborhoods, met hundreds – if not thousands – of hard-working, engaged and concerned citizens, shared my vision with local leaders and learned quite a bit along the way.
The first leg of this journey will draw to a close tomorrow, Tuesday, August 5th.
No matter what the outcome, I want to thank the many volunteers that helped me get my message out. And I especially want to thank my family for their patience, understanding and support.
I decided to run because I saw the same things you did, read the same things you did. Like you, I’m frustrated and embarrassed about the scandals and mismanagement we’ve seen in Wayne County.
As a municipal leader that has worked to solve problems and help taxpayers, I’m frustrated because I know there was a better way of doing things. We accomplished it in Westland. We can do it with Wayne County.
As a taxpayer, I’m disgusted at the waste I saw in bungled projects like the “Fail Jail,” ill-advised purchases and outrageous salaries and severance packages.
I knew it would be a challenge to fix the many problems created by the previous administration and those attached to it. I knew my opponents, without a strong a record of accomplishment, would take potshots.
I also knew it was worth it. I’ve said all along that Wayne County deserves better and, during the past six months, you’ve told me I was right.
You’ve told me that you want to see fiscal responsibility; honest open government; and a focus on critical services like public safety, roads and infrastructure, economic development. I have a plan to address all of these issues. You can check it out on my website and share it around with your friend and neighbors.
Thanks again for getting behind our shared vision to make Wayne County a great place to live, work and do business.
Please get out and vote on Tuesday. I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Bill Wild

Candidate for Wayne County Executive

thank u