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Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley reports today on the race for Wayne County Executive. He doesn’t pull any punches, describing the current culture of Wayne County government as “rotten, stinking with corruption, cronyism and incompetence.”

Voters will have a say whether to select new leadership in the upcoming Democratic primary on Tuesday August 5th. For real change – and a chance to clean up the sweetheart deals that are costing taxpayers millions – says Finley, one candidate stands above the rest: Westland Mayor Bill Wild.
“Wayne County has switched leaders before without changing course. If county residents want change, they’ll have to break their habit of voting for familiar names…
All of the major candidates seeking to replace [incumbent Bob] Ficano have been around Wayne County government for most of their careers, except one: Westland Mayor William Wild…

A big reason The Detroit News endorsed Wild is because of his lack of attachment to anything Wayne County. Unlike the other candidates, he’s not drawing a county pension nor is he in line for one. And since he owns a small business, he knows something about serving the customer, and understands the customer is the person who pays the bill, not the one who writes the campaign check.

The Observer and Eccentric Newspapers also endorsed Bill Wild this week, noting that he has “taken over one of the largest cities in the county and turned it around, transforming a projected $50 million deficit into a $5 million surplus…. Those are the kinds of successes needed at the county level”

The two newspapers join the Police Officers Association of Michigan, Western Wayne Professional Firefighters – IAFF Local 1279, the Westland Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association, the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, AFPD-PAC, Greening Detroit, and many local elected officials and business leaders who are supporting Bill Wild’s campaign for new leadership in Wayne County.