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Many thanks to the Arab American Political Action Committee (AAPAC) and its president, Ali Hammoud, for hosting a lively forum with candidates for Wayne County Executive at the Lebanese American Heritage Club in Dearborn on July 8th.
Wayne County prosecutor Mariam Bazzi and Wayne County Corporation Counsel Zenna Elhasan served as moderators.

07_08 Arab American Forum3
Bill Wild gave another strong performance, demonstrating clear command of the issues and reflecting the priorities of voters across the county who are calling for change.
“Wayne County, the position it’s in today, the biggest issue is finances,” he said. “We need someone who knows how to balance a budget, who has worked with unions, and who knows how to deliver services.
“Until we start delivering services, we’re going to lose residents in Wayne County. We’re not cutting the grass, we’re not patching the potholes.
“In Westland, we’ve delivered services. I’ve worked with unions. I’ve worked with other mayors and supervisors. I’ve sat at the table with bondholders, and fought for our city’s bond rating.
“When you look at the candidates, you want to ask, who’s got the skillset to take on Wayne County’s $175 million deficit? Westland had a $50 million deficit, now we have a 3-year balanced budget with a $5 million surplus.”