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Once again setting the agenda in the race for Wayne County Executive, Bill Wild has announced Ethics 2.0: Five Fixes to Protect County Taxpayers.
“It’s time for change in Wayne County,” said Wild. “Everywhere I go, voters tell me they’re tired of the scandals, the indictments and the guilty pleas for bribery, extortion, fraud and obstruction of justice.”
“We need open, honest government every year, not just in an election year,” said Wild. “When I take office, I’ll appoint a full-time, independent ethics officer and take other actions to clean up Wayne County government and protect taxpayers against the misuse of public money.”
Wild is the only major candidate in the race who has never held county office or been on the county payroll. He is the first to put forward a plan to clean up corruption in county government, with specific steps a new County Executive can take in January, 2015.
Ethics 2.0 is available for review now on the Wild4WayneCounty.com website. Voters can comment and make suggestions by emailing ethics@Wild4WayneCounty.com
“I’m asking voters across the county to take a look and give us your feedback,” said Wild. “We’ll take the best ideas and suggestions, improve our proposal and be ready to act in January, 2015.”


Ethics 2.0 is a five-step plan, including
• A full-time ethics officer, appointed based on recommendations by non-profit and professional organizations. Because ethics must be a priority for county government, it must be fully staffed and fully funded.
• Posting of all county contracts at WayneCounty.gov, to insure a fair, transparent procurement process for goods and services paid for by Wayne County taxpayers.
• Empower the Ethics Officer to file complaints before the County Ethics Board, so that no individual is concerned about retaliation.
• Mandatory ethics training for appointees of the County Executive, when appointed and every year thereafter. We need mechanisms to prevent wrongdoing, as well as tools to expose and sanction problems when they occur.
• Public hearings for Removal of Ethics Board members. As County Executive, Bill Wild will require a report from the independent full-time Ethics Officer and call for a public hearing if any county official takes action to remove a member of the Ethics Board. If there is a good reason for a Board member’s removal, it should hold up to public scrutiny.
“We need real teeth into Wayne County ethics policies and ordinances, because whatever we’re doing now isn’t working,” said Wild. “Reform starts at the top. I’m putting my plan before the voters and I’ll be ready to act in January. In my administration, everyone will know that ethics matter, taxpayers come first, and the only reason to hold public office is to do the people’s business.”