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It was great to be back at the same place I announced my run for Wayne County Executive. I was proud to take part of the 50 year anniversary celebration of the Ford Mustang at North Brothers Ford in Westland Michigan. Congratulations to William Clay Ford who was at the national celebration held on top of the Empire State Building in New York City with lots of fanfare and press. As Mayor of Westland and candidate for Wayne County Executive, it is a pleasure to support one of the most successful small businesses in Westland during a big day for the Ford brand. Ford and the Mustang exemplifies the America spirit in Wayne County and reminds us that the UAW and the Big 3 are vital to the future of Wayne County. Like Ford Motor Company, sometimes new leadership is needed to bring innovative ideas and a new fresh approach to turn things around. Congratulations to all the Ford Dealers, the UAW and the Ford Family.