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WESTLAND, April 18th – As momentum builds throughout the region, elected leaders from all across Wayne County announced today their endorsement of Westland Mayor Bill Wild in his campaign for the Democratic nomination for Wayne County Executive.
“I’m with Team Wild,” said Rick Sollars, mayor of Taylor. “Mayors make tough choices every day, and we’re accountable to our residents. Bill Wild knows how to balance a budget. He knows how to get things done. He’s run a successful business for 25 years and he turned around Westland’s budget from a deficit to a surplus. That’s the kind of leadership we need in Wayne County.”
Today’s endorsements, from leaders in seven communities which taken together include more than 330,000 Wayne county residents, are the latest achievement for the Wild campaign. His campaign for County Executive has raised more than $500,000 so far, more than any other candidate. Wild, who announced his candidacy in January, has also won backing from Ford Motor Company chairman Bill Ford and other business and civic leaders. He has introduced himself to voters with an early billboard advertising campaign, and a volunteer canvass in all sections of the county.
Additional mayors and elected leaders endorsing Bill Wild today include:
• Mayor Leroy Burcroff, Romulus
• Mayor Dan Dwyer, Plymouth
• Mayor Hilliard Hampton, Inkster
• Mayor Jack Kirksey, Livonia
• Phil LaJoy, Canton Township Supervisor
• Mayor Randy Walker, Garden City

“It’s great to have so many mayors and elected officials join our campaign,” said Wild. “They’re hearing from their constituents the same thing I’m hearing from voters: It’s time for a change. People are tired of ethics scandals, huge deficits, and failed projects.”
As mayor of Westland, Wild took the city from a projected $50 million budget deficit to a $5.6 million budget surplus, and recently introduced the city’s first-ever three-year balanced budget. The Westland turnaround included negotiated settlements with city employees and their unions, as well as sharing fire protection, 911 dispatch, parks and recreation and other services with surrounding communities.
Bill Wild and his wife, Sherri Wild, are longtime residents of Westland, where they live with their three children. Sherri Wild is a 6th grade science teacher and member of the Michigan Education Association. Bill Wild has served as Mayor of Westland since 2007.