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With roads crumbling all over the county, WXYZ TV 7 has asked local mayors to take the “Pothole Pledge.” Mayor Bill Wild and Westland signed on right away, agreeing to establish a hotline and patch holes within 48 to 72 hours.
Last week, Pothole Pledge was put to the test and Westland passed with flying colors. It happened after a pothole on Warren Road caused a piece of concrete to go crashing into a tire shop.
That section of roadway is owned by Wayne County, but the Road Commission hasn’t fixed it. So TV 7’s Simon Shaykhet put in a call to the Westland Mayor’s office – and as he reports, got fast results:
“One phone call is all it took. Twenty minutes later, road crews from Westland are here, patching a road they don’t even own. How’s that for stepping up and taking action?”

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