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I’d like to offer my thanks and congratulations to April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, who won a historic legal victory for gay and lesbian families in Michigan – and for all families.

These two Hazel Park moms, who have adopted special needs children, went to court because they wanted their children to have two legal parents. I’m a parent too, and I respect any parent that takes a stand to do what’s best for their kids.

There are many kinds of different kinds of families, in Wayne County, and we all deserve respect and equal protection under the law. It’s great to see marriage equality come to Michigan – and it’s also important to know that Friday’s court ruling doesn’t interfere with anyone’s religious beliefs or religious practices.

Wayne County is a diverse place, with people from many different backgrounds and different viewpoints.  That’s a great thing, because we all have a lot to learn and a lot to gain when we respect each other and work together.

Bill Wild, Candidate for Wayne County Executive-2014