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Wild Campaign out-raises larger name rivals

WESTLAND, MICHIGAN — (February 3, 1014) In only 60 days of active fundraising, Mayor Bill Wild’s Campaign for Wayne County Executive has raised nearly $250,000; nearly double that of his two expected challengers.

“I am extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed to my campaign,” said Wild. “As I have traveled the County, the message I hear is crystal clear, change is wanted and needed and it’s time once and for all to put an end to the mismanagement and negative headlines that have paralyzed, what was once the strongest County in the State. 

Wayne County residents, elected officials and business leaders universally agree that they want and expect more for their hard earned tax dollars.” Wild declared “My supporters are a growing group of Wayne County residents and business owners that are looking for a candidate who is a family man with a business background and a proven track record of turnaround executive experience.

Wild, a Democrat, is in his third term as Mayor of Westland, the 10th largest city in Michigan. As Mayor, Wild implemented a multi-year, $60 million balanced budget that now has a $5.5 million surplus. In 2009, Westland was predicted to run out of money in mid-2010. Wild has achieved this without cutting services, asking for additional millages or labor issues

Wild has raised $242,950 and has a fundraising plan to secure $1.5 million. He officially kicked off his campaign on January 15 during a Main Street-style event at North Brothers Ford that attracted over 200 excited supporters.

Reports filed with the Wayne County Clerk’s Office indicate that Wild has out-raised other expected and announced Wayne County Executive candidates including Phil Cavanagh of Redford Township and Kevin McNamara of Belleville.

In fact, Wild holds a 5-1 advantage in cash on hand over McNamara. McNamara, a long time Wayne County commissioner, ended last year with less than $47,000, according to his filing.  Cavanagh, a state house member and former Wayne County commissioner has reportedly raised about $73,480.

“Voters are tired of scandals and corruption and have called my campaign “a breath of fresh air,'” Wild declared.”My record as Mayor of Westland proves I can bring real transformation to Wayne County government,” Wild declared. “Wayne County families are responding to my message of reform, fiscal discipline and effective delivery of services to taxpayers because I am the only candidate for Wayne County Executive with a record of actually doing it.”

The filing deadline for the office of Wayne County Executive is April 22 of this year. The Primary Election is August 5.     

Stay up to date with the campaign by visiting the website at www.wild4waynecounty.com; or by Facebook: wild4waynecounty and Twitter: @ElectBillWild.