A Message from Bill Wild


Sherri and I want to thank all of you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all you’ve done during this incredible journey. Old friends and new, you lifted us up in every way possible. Of course, we hoped for a different result, but we’re so proud of everything we accomplished, together, as a voice for change in Wayne County.

It’s clear from the election results that voters want a change in direction. Throughout my campaign, I listened to people in every corner of the county and did my best to give voice to your concerns. I’m convinced that the issues we talked about will stay at the top of the public agenda: Balancing the budget. Long-term fiscal responsibility. Open and honest government. And providing the critical services our taxpayers need and deserve.

I reached out to Warren Evans last night, to let him know I look forward to working with him, during the fall campaign and beyond, to change Wayne County for the better. I intend to stay active and involved, and I’m sure you will too.

One of my daughters asked me Tuesday morning if I would be sad if we lost the election. I asked her what she meant, and she said, “Will you cry if you lose?” It’s pretty fair question, and the answer is no. We’re not crying and we’re not sad today. We worked hard and ran a good campaign and I’m proud of everything we did together.

Actually, it’s kind of hard to be sad when you’ve seen so many people work as a team and support one another. I’ll never forget the many kindnesses that were shown to me and my family during this campaign.

Meantime, it appears the Lord’s plan at present is for me to stay in Westland and keep working to improve our community. It’s a rare privilege to serve as mayor of an All-American city; I’ll continue to do all I can to earn your trust.

Thanks again – let’s stay in touch.



It`s been worth it — Thanks


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In the six months since I first declared my candidacy for Wayne County Executive, I have walked through many neighborhoods, met hundreds – if not thousands – of hard-working, engaged and concerned citizens, shared my vision with local leaders and learned quite a bit along the way.
The first leg of this journey will draw to a close tomorrow, Tuesday, August 5th.
No matter what the outcome, I want to thank the many volunteers that helped me get my message out. And I especially want to thank my family for their patience, understanding and support.
I decided to run because I saw the same things you did, read the same things you did. Like you, I’m frustrated and embarrassed about the scandals and mismanagement we’ve seen in Wayne County.
As a municipal leader that has worked to solve problems and help taxpayers, I’m frustrated because I know there was a better way of doing things. We accomplished it in Westland. We can do it with Wayne County.
As a taxpayer, I’m disgusted at the waste I saw in bungled projects like the “Fail Jail,” ill-advised purchases and outrageous salaries and severance packages.
I knew it would be a challenge to fix the many problems created by the previous administration and those attached to it. I knew my opponents, without a strong a record of accomplishment, would take potshots.
I also knew it was worth it. I’ve said all along that Wayne County deserves better and, during the past six months, you’ve told me I was right.
You’ve told me that you want to see fiscal responsibility; honest open government; and a focus on critical services like public safety, roads and infrastructure, economic development. I have a plan to address all of these issues. You can check it out on my website and share it around with your friend and neighbors.
Thanks again for getting behind our shared vision to make Wayne County a great place to live, work and do business.
Please get out and vote on Tuesday. I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Bill Wild

Candidate for Wayne County Executive

thank u

A Message from Sherri Wild


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Dear Wayne County Residents,

We are at a crossroads in Wayne County. I’ve had the privilege of watching my husband Bill Wild face a similar crossroads when he became Mayor of Westland nearly eight years ago; he made the necessary decisions to turn Westland around.
I am proud to be Bill’s wife and the mother of our three children; I know that he is going to do a great job for all of our families as Wayne County Executive.
Can you help us turn out the vote for real change in Wayne County on August 5th?
Bill has a proven track record as a successful businessman and public servant. He knows how to lead a team and bring people together.
As a mother, a classroom teacher, and member of the Michigan Education Association, I’m concerned about the Wayne County we are leaving our children.
We can’t keep kicking our problems down the road. It’s time to tackle the tough issues and ensure that Wayne County is once again a great place to live, work and do business.
Can you join our volunteer team this weekend?


It’s been really exciting to see Bill win support from police and fire unions, the Detroit News and the Observe Eccentric Newspapers, local elected officials, business leaders and voters all over Wayne County.
We all agree: Bill is the right choice to lead Wayne County. Now it’s up to our grassroots network to make sure that he’s got the resources he needs to succeed.
It will make a huge difference if you can help us get out the vote this Tuesday August 5th. I am reaching out to all my friends, family and neighbors and I hope you can do the same.

Thank you.

Sherri Wild

Detroit News: For real change in Wayne County, vote for Bill Wild


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Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley reports today on the race for Wayne County Executive. He doesn’t pull any punches, describing the current culture of Wayne County government as “rotten, stinking with corruption, cronyism and incompetence.”

Voters will have a say whether to select new leadership in the upcoming Democratic primary on Tuesday August 5th. For real change – and a chance to clean up the sweetheart deals that are costing taxpayers millions – says Finley, one candidate stands above the rest: Westland Mayor Bill Wild.
“Wayne County has switched leaders before without changing course. If county residents want change, they’ll have to break their habit of voting for familiar names…
All of the major candidates seeking to replace [incumbent Bob] Ficano have been around Wayne County government for most of their careers, except one: Westland Mayor William Wild…

A big reason The Detroit News endorsed Wild is because of his lack of attachment to anything Wayne County. Unlike the other candidates, he’s not drawing a county pension nor is he in line for one. And since he owns a small business, he knows something about serving the customer, and understands the customer is the person who pays the bill, not the one who writes the campaign check.

The Observer and Eccentric Newspapers also endorsed Bill Wild this week, noting that he has “taken over one of the largest cities in the county and turned it around, transforming a projected $50 million deficit into a $5 million surplus…. Those are the kinds of successes needed at the county level”

The two newspapers join the Police Officers Association of Michigan, Western Wayne Professional Firefighters – IAFF Local 1279, the Westland Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association, the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, AFPD-PAC, Greening Detroit, and many local elected officials and business leaders who are supporting Bill Wild’s campaign for new leadership in Wayne County.

Observer Eccentric Newspapers Endorse Bill Wild


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The Observer and Eccentric newspapers have endorsed Westland Mayor Bill Wild in the Democratic primary for Wayne County Executive.

“We believe one candidate stands out. We urge Wayne County voters to choose William Wild in the Aug. 5 Democratic primary,” states a July 22nd Observer/Eccentric editorial, titled “William Wild is the change Wayne County voters are looking for.”

OE Endorsement

“Serving as Westland’s full-time mayor since 2007,” the editorial states, “Wild has taken over one of the largest cities in the county and turned it around, transforming a projected $50 million deficit into a $5 million surplus. He was able to work with the city’s unions to get necessary concessions, while also maintaining services. He currently has a three-year running balanced budget. Those are the kinds of successes needed at the county level.”

“We believe Wild has the skills needed to lead Wayne County. He would provide a fresh start for a county that needs new leadership. We urge voters in the Democratic primary to select William Wild as the nominee for Wayne County executive.”

The Observer/Eccentric publishes the Westland edition of Hometown Life, and has covered Bill Wild extensively during his term as mayor. The company also publishes newspapers in the Wayne County communities of Canton, Garden City, Livonia, Redford, and Wayne.

Bill Wild’s campaign for new leadership in Wayne County has also been endorsed by the Detroit News; the Police Officers Association of Michigan (the largest union representing police officers in Michigan and Wayne County); Western Wayne Professional Firefighters – IAFF Local 1279; the Westland Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association Greening Detroit; the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, and numerous local mayors, township supervisors and other local elected officials.

Bill Wild Supporters Tell Why he is RIGHT for Wayne County


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Click to watch residents from Wayne County tell us why Bill Wild is the best candidate for Wayne County Executive. Please share with family/friends and let`s help spread the Bill Wild message to as many voters as possible.

Only 13 days left! We need your help.

Team Wild Continues to Gather Momentum


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Team Wild had a terrific rally today to kick off the last two weeks of the campaign for Wayne County Executive.

Supporters from UAW Local 900, IAFF Local 1279, the Police Officers Association of Michigan, the Westland Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association joined local elected officials and voters from all across Wayne County to get ready for critical voter outreach between now and August 5th.

“Thanks for all your help over the past 15 months,” said Westland Mayor Bill Wild, who has outpaced more familiar political names to become a leading candidate for the County Executive position. “We’re going to get past the scandals, get out from under this black cloud and make Wayne County great again.”

Door-to-door canvassing and phone banking is scheduled on a daily basis from now through August 5th. Volunteers can contact Team Wild volunteer coordinator Pat Harris at 313-330-9441 or email Pat4Wild@gmail.com to sign up for canvassing or phone banking.

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Upcoming: Bill Wild on Spotlight on the News, TV-7


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Many thanks to WXYZ-TV editorial director Chuck Stokes, for inviting me to “Spotlight on the News,” Detroit’s longest-running public affairs show.

Our segment will air this coming Sunday, July 13th, at 9:30 a.m. on WXYZ-TV 7. I hope you have a chance to tune in.

We had a good chance to talk about why I’m running for Wayne County Executive. I get asked that question a lot, and my answer is very straightforward: Just like everyone, I’m frustrated with where our county is headed, and I know we can do better.

I also talked with Chuck about my proven approach to fiscal responsibility: Cut from the top, bring everyone to the table, and insist on bringing expenses in line with revenues. That’s how we took Westland from a $50 million deficit to a $5 million surplus, and we can do the same in Wayne County.

We also talked about Ethics 2.0, which you can check out on our website. I’m the only candidate with a detailed plan, ready on day one, to clean up the cronyism and corruption in Wayne County.

Check out the interview Sunday morning on TV-7, and let us know what you think.


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Bill Wild at Arab American Forum: “The Biggest Issue is Finances”


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Many thanks to the Arab American Political Action Committee (AAPAC) and its president, Ali Hammoud, for hosting a lively forum with candidates for Wayne County Executive at the Lebanese American Heritage Club in Dearborn on July 8th.
Wayne County prosecutor Mariam Bazzi and Wayne County Corporation Counsel Zenna Elhasan served as moderators.

07_08 Arab American Forum3
Bill Wild gave another strong performance, demonstrating clear command of the issues and reflecting the priorities of voters across the county who are calling for change.
“Wayne County, the position it’s in today, the biggest issue is finances,” he said. “We need someone who knows how to balance a budget, who has worked with unions, and who knows how to deliver services.
“Until we start delivering services, we’re going to lose residents in Wayne County. We’re not cutting the grass, we’re not patching the potholes.
“In Westland, we’ve delivered services. I’ve worked with unions. I’ve worked with other mayors and supervisors. I’ve sat at the table with bondholders, and fought for our city’s bond rating.
“When you look at the candidates, you want to ask, who’s got the skillset to take on Wayne County’s $175 million deficit? Westland had a $50 million deficit, now we have a 3-year balanced budget with a $5 million surplus.”


Detroit News Endorses Bill Wild


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The Detroit News has endorsed union-friendly, budget-balancing Mayor Bill Wild in August 5th Democratic primary for Wayne County Executive.


In an editorial that appeared on Friday, June 27th, the News writes:

Wayne County residents need more than just new leadership; they need a leader who will bury the scandals and mismanagement of the past several years and set the county on a new course centered on both growth and good government. Westland Mayor Bill Wild offers the best hope for a new beginning in Wayne County.

…He will focus on core services, and make sure taxpayer money is used wisely.
Wild is one of the few candidates in the race without a history in Wayne County government. Given the checkered nature of the county’s history, a fresh name is attractive.
Bill Wild should be elected as the Democratic nominee for Wayne County Executive on Aug. 5.

Like the hundreds of voters who are joining Team Wild campaign events in Detroit, Western Wayne, Downriver and elsewhere, and the many more who are responding on the phones and the doors, the Detroit News recognizes that Wayne County needs change. And Bill Wild is the best candidate to get the job done.
Read the full editorial here – and please share with your friends, neighbors and colleagues.